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Monogram 1939 Chevy Sedan Delivery


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For those of you that do not venture down to "The Community" section of the forum, this is the completed model from the Slump Buster CBP thread. I can highly recommend this one to help you get out of your model building slump. It is a nice and easy build. This version is from the 1978 kit, but I believe it has been reissued since then. Tamiya Light Blue over White primer and covered with Testors Dullcote.

DSC 0296

DSC 0299

DSC 0302

DSC 0303


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I have built the 39 Delivery and Coupe many many times, one of my favorites  kits to build.  Now for yours, the color is outstanding you made this look real nice good work.  2 thumbs up from me.B)

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Very nice build and paint job. I am a sucker for trucks and anything you could carry or haul something inside. In my real life, I've always had a truck of some sort until recently and don't have a thing I can just toss something into and haul with it. Big adjustment and now I just have a Kia Soul. Can't haul much with this one.


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Thanks. I enjoyed building this one.

Whatcha got in the back?

Nothing. It is typical 70's, has big pleated benches over the wheel wells.

looks nice, are those Pontiac rally wheels ?

That is what they reminded me of when I opened the box.

Nice.  I'll bet it looked excellent before the dullcote.

It looked good. I used the dullcote because I wanted to see how much it changed the paint. Pretty dramatic difference (wish I had taken a before photo).

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