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Ford 63 Lightweight "Lively One" Finished

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It has been a long haul but here is a photo of my finished Dick Brannan's 63 Ford Lightweight.  The very first pre-production 1963 lightweight built, and most successful with 65 wins and 22 records 

63 finished 2 (1280x720).jpg

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Excellent looking FORD, but then all of them are.  Really like the looks of this one. And it has the tail down attitude rather the nose down of the later years.  I think I have a set of those decals.  By chance, do you have any more pictures of this build?

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Making an accurate 1963 Ford Galaxie Lightweight

There were five pre-production 1963 lightweight Galaxies produced each differed slightly

1963 Romy Hammes – Brannan Super Stock Ford Galaxie Lightweight Pre-Production #1

Kit – AMT 1/25 scale Prestige 1963 Ford Galaxie

Donner Kit – AMT 1960 Ford Starliner

Exterior Modifications

·         Remove Galaxies emblems from front fenders

·         Remove FORD lettering from hood

·         Added Pro Tech photo etch hood pins

·         Exterior paint single stage Model Master and polished to replicate factory paint from 1963

·         Bumpers and grill painted Vallejo Metal Chrome paint to replicate the real aluminum bumpers

·         Decals from Slixx

·         Air valve stems on wheels

·         Bare metal foil trim

Interior Modifications

·         MCW Resins 1963 Ford Lightweight Interior

·         Extensive modification of front bucket seats to replicate real Bostrom lightweight seats

·         Added black mat to floor in place of carpeting

·         Painted to replicate Code 24 beige using Ford colors Lt. Beige, Rose Beige and custom mix beige

·         Thin wire used to replicate chrome trim on door panels

·         Steering wheel and column painted black as the original

·         Rotunda column tach

·         Added cloth Headliner and dome lights

Engine Compartment Modifications

·         Ford 427 engine with correct “THUNDERBIRD” valve covers.  Production lightweights have 427 decals.  The 1960 kit includes a dual 4bbl intake and carb that accurately depicts a 1963 427 low-riser

·         Oil breathers added to valve covers

·         Ignition wiring routed per actual firing order

·         Firewall modified to replicate actual lightweight cars

·         Weathered to replicate “as raced” and not restored

·         Accurate red Rotunda oil filter with correct decal (Whoopie Kat)

Chassis and Underbody

·         1960 Starliner underbody and chassis modified to fit the 1963 body

·         Traction Master style traction bars included in the 1960 Starliner kit

·         Underbody painted red oxide with body color overspray

·         Front control arm tips left bare metal color as the original car

Finally, a very special thanks to Mr. Dick Brannan who through his guidance and the countless question that he answered, made this project possible.


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