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Corvette Z06 "Black Devil"

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With some outside shots before the sun went down..... Overall I am very pleased with the results. I listened to some other builders of the car like Jay and Bob Downie (Thanks guys) and I sanded the front Radiator and Hood Hinge brace so the front end sat down better. Adjusting the ride height took care of the rest. I really like this kit and The Exhaust pipes made from metal are a nice touch by Revell. Paint is TS-14 followed by dupont clear. Wheels were painted "Black Chrome" by misting Alclad chrome over gloss black wheels. Much inspired by the P&M C6RS.











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That looks menacing. Perfect paint job and stance! Love it. There is a black Z06 around town but all I can see is the tail lights and only for a few seconds.

Nice to see it finished! Getting up to speed on the forum. I was out for over a week in the cub scouts summer camp with no internet, no cell phone, no TV not even an AM radio :) But is was so enjoyable I feel like a new person. Let's see what else I missed!


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Love the paint job, black and white can be hard to get right and you got it perfect. Really like the red/black interior with all those CF touches that make this such a unique build. Glad to see that you went to the extra work of creating the dry sump oil system.

I can't think of anything I don't like about your build, well done!

Rob W

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