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Here's a follow up to a 37 Chevy Jet Rod I made and posted on these forums over a year ago.

I don't even know what to call it....Steampunk, meets rat rod, meets nostalgic race car. It'll be dirty and used. I can have fun with that.

Still in the early stages. Here's some of the mock up photos. Sorry for the bad pics..

I imagined some hanging hydraulic lines and fuel lines from the bottom of the vehicle. I thought by adding the 2 pipes out of the "passenger" side would help with the asymmetry, as well as give it some nostalgia.

32 Ford Jet Rod432 Ford Jet Rod5

32 Ford Jet Rod32 Ford Jet Rod1


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Very imaginative stuff here!  If I may suggest one thing, I'd lose the rear "wheel "shaped thingies, they look so bulky they throw off the balance of your design, and to me they still look too much like wheels/tires, where the rest of the vehicle is way out there! Compare your treatment of the front wheel area to the rear - the front is much more creative. I do like the VTOL aspect of the rear area, just not the tire-shaped blobs.. I only comment because I really LOVE this kind of creative stretch of our hobby, and want to see this design soar!

Here's a thought; take a couple of 1/72 A-10's turbine housings (2 kits worth-can be cheap snap-tites) using one grouped pair per side, attached to the rear sides in the wheel area, connected to each other by a rod so they actually rotate down and back as needed. Add rivets, fins, pipes, hoses, and antennae to taste. Fun stuff!

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Thanks for all the comments!! I hope you're all in for the long haul, because I'm a slow builder.......I worked on a few things, but I have a long way to go. I'm having a difficult time keeping the chopped top from separating at the A pillars.

How many times per model, do you guys set up "mock ups"? I must set this thing up on it's stand, 4 to 5 times per night. I put everything on with pins and tape, just to see what it'll look like. When you're done working your model for the night, do you always put it in it's stance?


I Changed the side intake to make it look more aggressive. I plan on adding 2 more fins between the existing.


I'm working on a linkage for the front flaps. If anyone has any ideas for this, please let me know.


The "fake" side pipes. These are what I imagined as a heat shield for some wires and hydraulic lines. Like in the first photos, there will be lines coming from these pipes that feed into the underside of the car.


Wide load!


perfect color

I can't wait to paint it. I am going for something like this......I think.


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**** Sorry for the partial post earlier, Firefox or something is crashing my posts partway through. What I tried to say was:

WOW, Dax, this is just fantastic, I love this DieselPunk stuff!!

I wonder if I could respectfully throw a couple of suggestions into the pot for the detail you want for the undercarriage. For the hydraulic hoses have a look at guitar strings and fishing line traces (?) as well as the usual proprietary car model stuff, the scale is good and the price is cheap. Or find a friend with an electric bass! Also Google up Watch Parts or search eBay as there are guys in Singapore/Hong Kong etc who sell the insides of old watches by weight!! A few bucks for 50g if I recall. You get a mixed bag of hundreds of cogs and wheels but also brackets and other bits, usually multiples of the same bits so you can use them in pairs for LHS and RHS. Cheap, and one bag is a lifetime's supply.

Keep up the good work with this, I can't wait for the paint!

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To secure the A pillars I would layer a thin piece of fiberglass cloth in a thin coat on the inside across the seam. I have used thin brass also.

This keeps getting more interesting. :)

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Definitely an exercise in extreme creativity.  Another suggestion on keeping the 'A' pillar attached is to use some acrylic fingernail filler.  It is some really strong stuff, I use it anytime I do any major body cutting; the bond is stronger than the parent material.  You can find small kits in the cosmetic section of most major big box stores fairly cheaply.  It dries very hard, is a bear to sand and requires more than adequate ventilation.

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It took me two months to pick out a color combo for this model. I finally went with blue and white. The white is a very light cream color. The blue is Nassau Blue metallic.

There's a lot left to do. I haven't posted pictures in a while and thought I should get some up here. There's lots of pieces not installed in the following pictures and I still need to finish up the weathering.


I'm going to add flaps that will be hinged to the rear of the front fenders. That little lever coming out from the side of the hood will attach to the flap. I'm also working on a side thruster that'll stick out of the rear "wheel holes". Similar to the first two photos at the very beginning of this post.


The front turbines need to be moved towards the rear slightly,


The last jet car that I made didn't have landing gear. It always bothered me. How does it land?

I've got hydraulic skid plates in the rear. They pivot a little for landing, but only very slightly. I'm working on similar skid plates for the front that'll be much smaller.



I plan to add a trim piece between the blue and white.



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