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Cooper barn find

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6 hours ago, absmiami said:

Hey. Wait a minute. Wasn’t I supposed to be building a Cooper in this thread ? ? ? 

I think so Andrew...... LOL

By the way... It is the 4/CLT/48 (thanks for the correction) annnnd...I do have lots of evergreen and plastic sheet. Getting photos of the chassis and engine is what I really need.

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2 minutes ago, absmiami said:

2 questions then ...

what’s the Indy Journal and do you have Gary’s 8CM ?

I had a very nice visit w Gary in Toronto when I bought some kits maybe - what  - 6 or 7 years ago  - 

ive done some exploratory work on one of the 8CM kits - stretching it to 24th scale - which will make it easier to scratch build the str 8 engine.  


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Actually it's a hard bound book of the History of Indy from 1911-1994. It contains all the info on all the cars that ran in the race for each of those years. It's a GREAT book to have if one likes the Indy 500. Gary Doucette turned me on to it about 4-5 yrs ago.

I don't think I have an 8CM kit... What yr are they??


Uuugh...aren't you suppose to be building a Cooper??? LOL

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  • 2 weeks later...

Yup. The Cooper is almost old enough to start nursery school. It occurs to me that maybe I should finish it ... 

merry new year. Raise you hand if you thought we would still be squirreled away in our workshops after nine months ...
TMF sells some coated copper wire That is useful for brake lines. Very soft / bendable - which is helpful in this scale ...


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The right hand cylinder has a splitter made from brass tube  the brake lines go left and right to the front brakes. The shielded brake line on the left cylinder travels back to the rear brake ...  by the way. Not sure but I may have reversed this ...





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If you travel back in time to about April - 2? Page back...  you’ll see photos of the Merit kit steering wheel - which isn’t too accurate - I’ve stolen a steering wheel from Merit’s Lotus 11 kit - cleaned up and thinned the center spokes  -  and re-made the steering wheel with heated - formed - nickel silver.





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There is a fluid overflow container perched against the frame in the engine bay. I’ve glued it in here because its time (past time) to do the engine install and I won’t be able to mess with the container once this is done...


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In it goes - clipped to the frame members by the notches in the braces.   Does the engine cover fit properly over the cyl head - of course not!  Why ?  Because :         A:  I think the engine should sit about a scale inch farther back in the frame - but I didn’t have enough technical info to help me sight the engine precisely.  
B:  Also the engine is installed at a
 Slight tilt back and my engine does not tilt quite enough ...

but that’s okay - I’ll just shave some material on the engine cover and I’ll be able to open the cover without interference from the leading edge of the cyl head ...



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Before finishing the steering wheel I’ve installed the tach wires and glued the tach into its housing. The tach line runs back to the cyl head - the electrical wires - well I don’t really know where they go - so I’ll just bury them under the seat. -  don’t tell anyone ...




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