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Scale Race Car Bodies

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Big news is settled in with Van Aken clay.

Protolina soft gray/green.

They were a little snitty at Chavant clays.

Van Aken clays are a tad less money than Chavant so that worked out.

Another big jump ahead.

'You Can Draw Cars' book from about 1960,

It's the greatest! Sample drawing are unreal!

Cars generally look like Eldon Invader. Some a little subtler.

Will be posting my own scanned drawings ASAP.

Also picked up booklet only from 60's Lakeside toy illuminated drawing table from about

the same year. It's sample drawings have that same great look.

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Picked up 'How to Build a Fiberglass Car' book from Ebay.

Original 1953 edition. They sell Floyd Clymer Veloce Publishing reprints for about $20.

Fits into building final scale fiberglass body.

You can see the original simple way in the book.


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