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Andrew D the Jolly Roger

My Ultimate General Lee build

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Thanks everyone!

Here's the chassis, suspension and exhaust, weathered with wear 'n' tear, and even some rust at appropriate places. Much of it will be covered/disguised by the road dust to be sprayed on last. Once installed, the edges received some orange overspray, indicating a home-done paint job.






The wheel hubs are from the old MPC General Lee kit. Chrome removed with bleach, then heavily sanded on the rear until the five openings were actually opened as they should be. Then primed, sprayed flat black, and detailed with aluminum paint. Not chrome. Those bits are shiny, but not quite chrome, with the possible exception of the lug nuts.Tires sanded with fine sandpaper and fine steel wool to remove the shiny vinyl "toy" look.






And, even the CB antenna; scratchbuilt styrene base, with a bit of High "E" metal guitar string. 





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"This" has got to be My favorite GJ build..........

Your attention to detail is marvelous A.D.!

At first, I thought, "Oh NO "NOT" another one!?!"

I am very glad I took a peek, I applaud Your efforts on this Wear and Tear build!!

I like it, I LIKE IT A LOT!!

Thank You for sharing

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