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I want both! I particularly like those gas station premiums that were sold back in the 1960's. The only one I ever got at time, and found an exact replacement of on eBay a couple of years ago, the DX gas Motorific torture track. I believe I got my first one back in Christmas of 1965. It was cool then. And is still cool today. The one I found on eBay was complete and in perfect shape. It even came with the same car, a light green Ferrari GTO. The box was just a little beat up. And I picked it up at a great price. So I have no complaints.

Of the Texaco offered toys, the one I always wanted was the Texaco Service Station made by Buddy L. I think it was relatively expensive back in the day. And way out of my price range now.


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Heck yeah. My best friend had one when we were kids. You could steer it around by pressing on the top side of the cab to turn the wheels. My memory is that the wheels looked really good. You had to be pretty small to ride it though.

That brings up another memory for me: Matchbox made few cars in the 1970s which also had steerable wheels. Those were also worked by pressing on top of the car.

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