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'76 VW Rabbit

Mr. Horsepower 78

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Hey everybody, 

I started building this vintage VW Rabbit by AMT. It's going to be unrestored with rusty paint but lowered on nice Zender wheels. Here's what the 1.6 litre 4 cylinder engine looks like so far. I took a pic next to a Ford Cobra 5.8 litre V8 so you guys can see how little the VW engine is :)




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I'll be keeping an eye on this one- this is a kit I'd love to see AMT reissue sometime soon! 

One of my favourite kits. I've built a couple and have a couple more unbuilt. 

The yellow one of yours is my all-time favorite finished example of this kit. :) After seeing that one I set aside a set of those wheels for a Scirocco I may get around to building some day.  

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Also love the Rabbit.  Owned a 69 in the late 80's, it was a blast to drive.  I bought it used and it had a problem of shutting off at some of the most inopportune times, like going down the main drag on the way to work.  I took it into a couple of VW specialty shops and they could not find a problem, it never shut off with them.  The last one called and said to come get it.  When I got there the car was not there, the mechanic told me they had sent a wrecker out to get it.  The shop owner had taken it out for one last test drive and it died on him.  They finally discovered a phenolic disc in the steering column had a crack in it, the ignition wires were attached to that disc, occasionally the crack would open and of course that would shut off the engine.  Problem solved, loved that car.

The Revell Street Wheels (?) version is still available, I picked one up at Michael's a couple months ago.  

Can-Con do you have any other pictures of that turbo set-up in the yellow one?

Mr Horsepower 78 I like what you are doing to this one.  Keep those updates coming.

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