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Fujimi Frankenstein Porsche models


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Fujimi makes the 911 in all three body styles - narrow, SC flares, and wide body - as well as kits with the newer impact bumpers as well as the original 911.  BUT they only sell a few versions or combinations of each. I've always preferred the pre "impact bumper" long-hood 911s but anyone wanting to expand their model range in this direction has to do so by mixing and matching Fujimi kits. 

The two I have in the works now - just painted-  are an orange '73 911 Carrera RSR, and a blue  '73 911 Targa,  The Carrera RSR combines the long hood, front and rear bumpers of the Fujimi '73 Carrera RS with the wider body, wheels and tires of the '85 911 Turbo. I'm also using the intake from the Fujimi '67 911R, and straight exhaust headers from Scale Production, which makes a number of Porsche 911 resin parts.  The Targa combines the long hood, front and rear bumpers of the Fujimi  '69 911 with a Fujimi '85 Targa kit. Kit combinations and painted bodies shown.





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I really like the blue you chose for the 73'Targa.B)

Thank you. It looks good on the Mini!

It's actually just Rust-Oleum "Cobalt Blue Metallic" with a few clearcoats over it. I was trying to match a Porsche color, this is a bit darker but such a vivid blue I had to try it. IT'll make the chrome pop out a bit more than the lighter shade would have.


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