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Any sources for ribbed styrene like on this bus?

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My family goes way back in the transportation business, and I'm interested in building a momento of that.  Does any company make material that would work for the sides of this?  I've thought about gluing ribbing to sheet styrene, but I'm thinking it would be almost impossible to be consistent with the size of the ribbing and the layout.  Perhaps I ought to consider getting some 3d printed.


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What scale? Just be aware you will have TON of work to do to smooth out the 3D printed panels. Very fine ribbing like that will be a pain...

Think about making your own. Find a saw blade that has close to the correct spacing on the teeth. Mount it, lengthwise, to some sturdy blocks so you can push a sheet under it to scribe the panel lines. I can go into more detail if you are interested in the process.


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