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Hemi Honda Drag Roadster

Chuck Most

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This started out with a Tamiya Honda S800, an AMT Parts Pack 392 Hemi, and several other doodads from other kits, along with a few trinkets from the parts box. I have no idea what class such an animal would race in, or if it would even pass NHRA muster, but it looks decent enough on the shelf and that's all I'm worried about. :) 





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Another well built smile-maker. Very nice.

If it could run in any real class, it would probably be the old "modified sports" (M/SP), always one of my favorites because of the wild combinations of little cars / big engines. They were sotra sports-car-bodied altereds, and great fun to watch.

An "altered" class is also a possibility. Different sanctioning bodies had different rules, and some cars could cross over from class to class with minor modifications. 

                                                    Image result for eddie potter competition coupe

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Love it!  No doubt it could have existed and raced back in the day - things were much more of a free for all back then.

If it didn't fit an NHRA there were also AHRA tracks and "outlaw" tracks that pretty much let anything run.

If someone built and ran a BBC Vespa back in the day, I'm convinced your build would also have been possible:





195x Vespa -No Big Thing- US-30 Nostalgic r3q.jpg

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It would definitely be in the /MSP class. AA with the big bown engine. I don't know if there was a wheelbase restriction. Altered required a 25% engine setback. That Vespa was built and run as a bracket car. It used to run at Rockford back in the late 70s through the 80s.

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