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1969 Crazy Red Larry Charger


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Always like to build the Revell Charger kits and finally finished another one.

Mixing the 68 and the 69 as I wanted to have a 69 Charger without the vinyl top. Therefor I had to add the square side turning signals. Wheels and valve covers are from Scenes Unlimited, Marry/Larry side decals from Keith Marks. The 440 dual quad intake and air cleaner came from the parts box.

I made the front a little lower and the rear a little higher, also moved the rear axle a bit frontwards. Frankly, these kits seem to request that, otherwise it looks a bit strange to me. As far as I remember the color is Tamiya Mica Red from the spray can. Actually I was thinking about the Modelmaster Citrus Yellow (Citron Yella?) but these colors are hard to get here in Germany. Especially the spray cans are almost impossible to get without connections. But I think a bright red always suites a Charger, too (any color which doesn’t?).

The build is having surely some lacks, anyway I like the result. Hope you, too.


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A beautiful charger, the design of the 68-69-70 charger in my opinion was never equaled. When you think Mopar and muscle. this is what comes to mind, for me anyways.

Well done, the color works great. As for the movie color I find that it really difficult to match a color exactly, the lighting ,the negative they use ,the type of camera ,the age of the movie and the type of monitor or tv you're looking at make it nearly impossible to be right. When I make a movie car, I look at pictures or screen shots and eye ball the color to what looks right for me.

remember , this hobby is supposed to be fun. If it looks right to you, then it is right. We all see those pictures thru different screens with slightly different settings.

Congrats on a beautiful charger and a nice alternative color that works great on this body type.

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