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Pantera anyone?

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I was going through a box of junkyard pieces and found a Pantera body - '71/72 with split front bumpers. It looked as if it had been painted with a cotton swab so it went in the purple pond.

After the layers of bad paint came off I found it was molded in a blue that can best be described as French Racing blue.  There isn't any markings to indicate who made it.  Does anyone have one like this?  I would like to see if I can find the correct parts for it.  Thanks all in advance.

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That sounds like the one I have, got it in the 80s made by Imai.  Does it have flared fenders and a big rear wing?  GTS style.  Molded in a bright blue. 

It came with a small wing that looks like it was stuck-on from somewhere else and no flares - at least not molded as part of the body.  It looks somewhat like the Tokyo Mauri kit I had once but cant do a comparison now.

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This is the Fujimi:



You can buy here for about $28:


It's curbside and not super complex, so it could easily originate with Marui. The lights don't pop up, though, so if the Marui kit actually does what it shows on the box, it isn't the same one. It doesn't have any compromises to fit in a battery and motor either, that I can see.



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Googling turned up the Marui Pantera...looks like it was molded in bright blue.  




I built this kit, its actually a pretty sweet kit!, but it does have a problem....the tyres are toxic......they ate my wheels away!!

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Oh, and the lights do flip open, and it is set up for if you want working light all-way-round.

I had the Tokyo Mauri kit of the GTS shown in the previous post. If I recall correctly it also had the flip up lights - makes me wonder how many of these come from the same tooling.  The tires and wheel were in good shape but that was several years ago.

Panteras are one of my favorite cars and it seems popular with the Japanese manufacturers so I was really hoping for a Fujimi EM kit of it.  That would have been way cool.

Maybe we should start a topic to have everyone show their built-ups.  I would love to see what some people have done with these.

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I have the light blue one as well but don't remember the manufacturer.  I think it was Gunze.  One thing for sure is that it is not the Marui as I have that one as well.  My Marui was molded in black IIRC and had the cannonball run (ish...) box.  I played with the idea of making the blue one a funny car at one time.  Glad I didn't though...

Still want to take the 351c from the '70 Mustang, the gearbox from the Series 1 and do a bit of scratching to make a full detail one.  Just gotta flip the gearbox (from what I heard).

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