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A diorama joke got some Chevy pilots' goat

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I thought it was 'cute'. As a real scale (1:1) hot rod builder, it has been more than a few times the body I found out there had been used for target practice, riddled with holes by some idiots that had no regard for real vintage tin! The car (or pickup) they were shooting from would be some late model store bought ride, right? Seems so...

So, my little dio was of a '57 Chevy, out in the weeds, weathered, faded, no wheels or tires, trunk open...Some bullet holes, but the rib was the little '27 Model T Sedan stopped by the road, and the 2 hot rodders leaning over the half hood, taking careful aim at the Chevy...with a Bazooka!

These 2 guys got all uptight, asked what the 'legend' meant. "Figure it out," I said. Then I laughed.

(legend read: "Got Firepower?") Oh, the 'T' has the Chrysler Firepower from the old AMT Roadster in it. Somebody liked it...he gave me $90 for it, said it was "Classic"!

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Guest zebm1

That's hilarious! :lol: Some of these Chubby Chebby Pilots seem ta think that Chebbys are tha Holy Grail....not knowing that there are more busted Chebby Crankcases littering tha racetracks than anyother engine I've ever known. :lol::lol: I threw 4 rods ina SBC once..... chunks! :lol::lol::lol:

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