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Conversion decals for Moebius Ford Pickups

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Whoopiekat has a decal set for the Sandy Elliot Drag Team Mercury pickup. They include Sandy Elliot, Ford,Lincoln and Mercury graphics. Also included are the hood, tailgate letters and the Mercury 100 emblems for the 1967 & 68 Mercury trucks. I believe from what another forum member told me that the hood and tailgate letters are the same from 1965-1968. The side Mercury 100 emblems on the 1965/66 are different though. So we will be able to do 65/66's when Moebius gets them to us!


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Yes, the physical size of the 1:1 Mercury front and tailgate letters is the same from '65 - '68.

Steve A over on the Spotlite forum made me up a high quality set a couple of years ago. I'll pull my '69 moeb truck off the shelf and use them once either I or someone else gets motivated to come up with an accurate grill  :P

In the meantime, I put some on this motormax diecast...


now to get the rest of the truck up to snuff.

Here's some more detail on the 67/68 Mercs...



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