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1974 GTO Nhra stock eliminator

R. Thorne

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I started this model a couple weeks ago.  It is a model of my 1:1 race car.  I am using a jimmy flintstone resin of a 1972 Pontiac Ventura.  This is my 2nd model I have built since I started modeling back in February (after a 60 year hiatus).  My first resin body, first time scratch building, first photo etch experience.  I have made some progress, but it is slow going (OCD kicking in, I guess.  Grille is almost finished (try to post a pic tomorrow).  Help and criticism always welcome.  Ron













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Craig, as with most other stuff on this build, I'll probably have to make them myself (how I don't know yet).  The grilles started out as .010" sheet styrene, then 020", wrapped around a wooden plug, then formed with a lighter.  Didn't like them, so, glued 2 pieces of 060" sheet together drilled, cut and sanded the inside out to form the taper on the inside top and center of the grille.  I tried to make the parking lights, but gave up and cut the lights out of a mpc 1967 gto kit that I bought for the Pontiac motor (it is pretty crappy looking motor and I will probably get another motor later).  Honeycomb mesh from detailmaster.  


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