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Here's a photo of the tools I used to form the body.

1. Dragster chassis.

2. Aluminum sheet. I used .010" aluminum flashing. Mine came in 5"X7" sheets. Any thin, somewhat rigid sheet will work (sheet must not be tooling aluminum or disposable baking pans as these are not rigid enough).

3. Wood buck for shaping cowl. Details below.

4. Ball-ended burnisher/scriber.

5. Shaping tools. Details below.

6. Ball pein hammers. Shown are an X-acto changeable head hammer and a small hammer from the craft store. I found the latter to be most useful.

7 & 9. Various shapes and sizes of metal and wood pieces for shaping panels.

8. 3/16" pin punch.

10. March and April, 1967 issues of Hot Rod Magazine or a copy of the article entitled Shape Up which is available as a .pdf file HERE. If you prefer, you can access the individual pages HERE.

11. A sheet metal nibbler is very helpful in cutting out the cowl opening, but the job can be accomplished using other methods.

12. Scissors or shears.

13. Since this photo was taken, I have also added a length of round steel rod 1/2"X10", based on Riceman's recommendation, to use as a slaphammer.

14. As always, you will need general modeling tools including measuring devices and a scriber.


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You've done a great job on that body Daniel.  Can't wait to see the rest of the build.  cheers, tim

Thanks, Tim. I'll take that! I am awed by your FA. Boring a hole through a .5 mm shaft is simply astonishing! Love your work, man! Thanks, Joe! This junior fueler would be done, if I could come up with a set of Enderle stacks that looked right. I've checked kits and the aftermarket, and can't find any that are correct. I made on pair that I like, but, I need three more pairs!

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it is fantastic to see someone stepping out of their comfort zone to do something different and difficult. BRAVO!!! excellent work!!  it kinda sets your soul free when you know you don't need to rely on the modeling industry to supply your parts.......you can make your own.  thought i'd show you one of the aluminum bodies i've done in 1/8. keep at it and keep up the good work!!!!!

001 - Copy (12).JPG


001 - Copy (13).JPG


again.....FANTASTIC JOB and keep working outside of the box.......it's way more fun out here! hehe.

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Thanks, Dave! I agree. It is more fun, outside the box! That dragster's looking great! Here's something I was working on, back in the late '90s. Never finished it, but I learned a lot during its construction. It's 1/25th scale, brass chassis, aluminum body panels, nose and tail hammered, formed and soldered tin. Sorry for the crappy photos. If I can dig this thing out and put it back together, maybe I'll shoot some new ones. Thanks again!









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