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1:24 '73 Porsche Carrera RSR


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This Porsche 911 Carrera RSR is a combination between the Fujimi '73 Carrera RS kit (bumpers, hood and decals) and a Fujimi '85 Turbo wide body. Front oil cooler intake, resin racing seats in Gulf Blue and resin straight headers added. The yellow car is a '72 911 S/T, another combination of Fujimi kits.

73 rsr 1.JPG

73 rsr 2.JPG

73 rsr 3.jpg

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Both of these are really beautiful. I love the mix-and-match nature of the Fujimi kits... Kind of like real 911s!

Thank you. The mods were actually an outcome of my frustration after purchasing a Fujimi '67 911R kit - and discovering it comes with a body with SC rear wheel arches, not the narrow body that the R used. That's when I discovered the 911 S/T. I got a great deal on a lot of 5 Fujimi porsche models and it's all snowballed from there! I was honestly unaware of how you could basically order a road/race car from Porsche "a la carte" until I started learning more. 

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Such a great, classic look to your Porsche cars. The paint colors and wheel treatments suit each one perfectly.

Hey thanks! I wanted to try to match factory appearances as best I could. Paint is Testors, "Go Mango" and "Bright Yellow" from a can, with a coat of clear gloss on each.

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