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Just finished this one up . Grim Reaper kit with a few mods . I removed some chrome , I removed the rank which was molded to the frame . I then molded the two tank halves . I shortened the fork about an inch . I cut down the seat from the king and queen and also shortened the sissy bar . I made and added the rear fender fin . Painted it purple and yellow . Did not turn out exactally what I had in mind but I think it is ok . 





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Nice job !!!!  I foggily remember building this kit wwwaaayyy back in the day. I had a terrible time getting the vinyl lines to curve around to where they were supposed to go. The whole thing turned out like BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH...... so I shot it with an entire brick (144) bottle rocket's. Fast forward to now and I want to slap myself silly for destroying something worth way more than I paid for it.

I like you're version a lot better !!!!!

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Thanks Jim. It is true I built a couple lately. A Cobra for me, a MGB for a friend and this bike my wife bought me. She felt I need something to do and that this is as good as anything. I may still do one from time to time but be more selective on what I do.

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