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Moebius bfx mercury cyclone ?

Jaguar man 21

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Hi Jeremy,

Good catch! (finding the Weber on the chrome tree!). Here is the B/FX 1965 Comet I built from the Moebius test shot. There's a nice photo of this model in the new Contest Cars magazine (featured from the NNL North event).

The 289 will come with both the Webers and manifold, as well as a two-four setup and carbs as part of the B/FX version.



Comet 1.JPG

Comet 2.JPG

Comet 3.JPG

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I saw your model while reading through my issue of contest cars and I even said it was one of my faviorate sin this years issue Absoluty beautiful work!!!! I'm beyond excited for the a/fx version coming out soon but knowing a b/fx will be along as well makes my day!!! Can't wait 

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I finally was able to get one of the moebius 1965 comet cyclone kits and I noticed what appears to be a single chrome Webber carb on the chrome tree. I know the 427 sohc version is due next year but it appears a 289 bfx version is in the future! 


289 BFX webbers 1.jpg

This is a beautiful work of art, no other way to say it! 
The same goes for your Comet!  I am in awe of what a beautiful car you built! 

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Comet B/FX car is possible from our tooling. There is NO B/FX kit under development today.

Will there be one in the foreseeable future? I don't know, yet.

What I do know, is that we have an Arnie Beswick A/FX car in the works for Model King. 

That kit is planned for a 1st quarter 2018 release. PLEASE NOTE that I used the word PLANNED there. Not the words guaranteed for arrival on a certain date.

I'm sure that Model King will be able to keep everyone informed as the actual date for arrival approaches.


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