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2016 Mercedes Benz AMG GT3


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Just got this in today, and with three days in a row off, I'm going to jump on this right away. This one's going to be OOB with the exception of some tire decals and probably some CF decals pending on my mood.

Paint will likely just be a metallic grey, I've got a few to choose from so it wont be the 'correct' grey Mercedes did the car in. 

So, time to crack it open and jump right in while I Youtube the 24hr of the Nurburgring in the background.


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 I pre assembled much of the kit. The entire chassis. body panel, roll cage and it's all in the paint booth drying right now. 

The fit is incredible. There are no mold lines on the body what so ever. The only seams visible are where you add in other pieces to the body, just like on the real car. The only seams I filled in are where the NACA ducts over the rear wheels are. I blended those into the fenders. Other than that, I just sanded the body and primed it. 

I'll post up some pics of the painted parts shortly, but for now, a quick mock up of what it was before heading to the booth.


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Looks like a typical Tamiya kit then!

Yes, maybe even more so for them. Best engineering I've seen on a kit, ever.

Small update, paint is on, Gravity Colors Red Bull F1 Dark Blue Matte. Decals are a mix of parts box and OOB decals. I've decided to make a "fantasy" livery on this one, so I bumped up the car to GTLM class ( these only run in GTD in IMSA atm, no factory team for AMG, tho Riley Motorsports is the lead team in IMSA). I stole the number placards from a Corvette...but its just a fantasy build. For now, I'm here:



I should be able to get the rest of the decals on today, then hit it with some clear.

More later on. 

Thanks for looking in.

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Awesome  jedir! Tire decals? Pleaz??

Tire decals are from the same Corvette C7R sheet as the IMSA decals. 

Small update. Livery is pretty much done. I have a few small decals to do on the body yet. I plan to add some more to the tires/wheels yet as well. I havent touched the interior yet, so still lots to do. I had already painted the body before I decided on the IMSA livery so, after I clear I'll need to mask and paint the mirrors red. But for now...


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