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KW aerodyne wrecker finished !!

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On 12/10/2017 at 10:01 PM, gotnitro? said:

Thanks everyone I appreciate the comments! !! It's a great motivator.

I took a few days break to set up a new work area, the old desk wasn't cutting it. Scored a workbench from work yrs ago, and always liked the size , so I drug it literally it's stupid heavy..2 inch thick top , and reset my bench. One thing I've always wanted was a place for the evergreen packs , so I hung a board with screws to hang them...cheap and priceless storage lol


I took a while to alter / delete the outdated under lift from the pete hooker , and started scratching a newer one. I chopped 1/4ich off the top where there will be a cable way for the 22k drum winch mounted in the bed.

A few plates of 015 for details and bobs my uncle 


Thanks for looking 

Be back soon

That work area is obscene ! lol it is way too clean and organized .

  Really it looks good !

 Nice clean fabrication work  I like what you have going on here !



   Be Well


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Thanks Gator !!yeah I can't find a single thing now..except the evergreen lol

Started adding the flooring on the wrecker bed, trial and error won out . It's very rough at the moment but once I add the top panels it'll his my shoddy work....back to watching frozen w my daughter 




Always get at least one fracture in the diamond plate..this time was no different.  Oh well a little gap filling sup er glue should hide 20171219_224240.thumb.jpg.21a8f29da332c66abc07205037390e47.jpg

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Thanks alot !!!!

I've nearly wrapped up the wrecker body. I fashioned up an angled oil tank behind boom carriage  nothing fancy ...not really enough room  to detail out.


Last up was the rear storage covers. I wanted plain covers instead of tread plate like on the front.  Couple patterns from card stock and I had a set



All that's left is a final sanding to clean up boo boos then primer20171224_150222.thumb.jpg.89bb57b7d1ab2a4e1a746ad4d114f088.jpg20171224_150432.thumb.jpg.2a56e57081705da8d9e58957449c6c76.jpg

thanks for following

Any criticism welcome

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Thanks I appreciate the comments 

Finally cleaned up all the wrapping paper , and stored the lights and tree for next yr. I stole a few minutes during a nap to putter .

Started getting the modified boom together,  realized I'd need a 3rd section to model this truck. Luck would have it, a left over frame rail fit .

I shortened sections 1 and 2 and altered the ends..20180102_170111.thumb.jpg.fe9d40d0df4826541cb8433772c6ede6.jpg20180102_170126.thumb.jpg.b8b58eb7b5e1ec5ef9b699c2bbfdda69.jpg

Pics showed a reinforcing plate along the boom, so I sketched a pattern I'll transfer later 


Naps almost over so gotta get ready for more cartoons..thanks for looking 

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How about a small peek at progress 

I needed to fab a 3rd boom section since the challenge kit only had 2 , glued couple sections of gw frame rails together and bobs my uncle ( he actually is..lives down south lol )

The cable guides and boom end from the kit was attached to 3rd section , altering as needed .



Afew small details were added to the drum winch , punched discs for eventual hydraulic hoses , and even the small data plate on the frame from scrap. Still needs the bolts to liven things up, probably just dots of thick CA 



That's about it for now 

any criticism welcome 

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6 hours ago, gotnitro? said:

Thanks  Dr kerry ! I steal a few minutes to bash while daughter takes her nap, then back to getting chased around house ! Now she's running daddy runs out of diesel early .

Thanks Warren ! 

Kids will do that!!!!! Lol

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