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72 Blue Max Mustang funny car

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Another from the classic funny years.

I remember reading a feature in Hot Rod, how you would cheer for your favourite. Be it driver, or if you owned a ford you cheered the Mustangs, if dad drove a Chevy it might be the Vega's you rooted for or the Cuda's etc.

The fact that most ran a Chrysler derived mill was of no real importance.

In the UK a good Funny car field consisted of around a dozen cars total, so we just cheered whoever ran :rolleyes:

I have this in my stash so i'll build this one one day

Thanks, John

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can anyone help with extra tires for this kit?? They look like they will do what I need to finish a kit, the frame is the same, im hoping the tires are

anyone with an extra set please let me know, been looking to finish this model for a while, and cant get replacement tires

bill d.

Just finished building this replica of the '72 Blue Max Mustang. I used the Model King re-issue of the old MPC Mustang and swapped the decals for a set from Slixx.

More pics and details of the build can be found at the link.





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i have been told that, but the kit was a limited run kit, and im looking for just the tires and rims to it, not a whole kits, i would like to finish the kits i have now I have two AMT SCHLITZ funny cars, both bought on ebay, and ,arked as sealed kits but not when i got them, hence missing parts

bill d.

Those same tires can be found in the amt firefighter mustang II
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