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Help with Buick Reatta Promo

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I am working on a Buick Reatta promo with intent of creating a detailed curbside from it. I am struggling with getting the windshield out of the assembled body, as the way it's mounted with the "vent" windows lock it in place.  Anybody ought there know how to get the glass out without cracking it?

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Bill, I have this very same promo and as I look at it, the only way to perhaps get the glass out is to very gently squeeze the vent windows, with maybe doing one side at first. I can't see any other way to take the glass out, and as you said there's the risk of cracking the glass, or damaging the A pillar.

Unfortunately, the glass has been made to "lock" in place once installed as you mentioned. I guess the figured that once together, it wouldn't have a chance of the glass popping out, or crazies like us that want to take it apart and redo it! :D

Hope this helps!

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I tried to flex the "vent" windows to no avail. The way they are adjoined to the windshield makes for a very strong joint. I am happy to report that I was able to cut one vent window to free up one side of the windshield, which enabled to remove it. I had to solve this problem, as I have accumulated several of these Reattas with intent of modeling a convertible and making a full detail with engine eventually. Thanks for the suggestion, Mr. Geary



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