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'32 Channeled Nailhead Roadster UPDATED 11/7/18

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16 hours ago, tim boyd said:

Dennis.....proportions and stance are everything with hot rods, and you've superbly nailed "everything" here, big time! 

What are you thinking about for a color scheme?   TIM

Thanks, Tim! Always nice to hear from you on my projects.

I've been thinking a lot about color and I think I've got it. Body, firewall and grill shell will be Tamiya Nato Brown with a glossy clear, black chassis and engine with a sprinkling of metal tones and chrome, Tamiya Racing White wheels. 

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Way kool build, Dennis!  I'm sure learning a lot about building a proper hot rod here!????????

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Awesome work!

Tremendous attention to detail. 

I like the way you came up with the louvres.

Did you consider using 3D decals for the louvres? I have some by Archer and they're pretty good.

Saves transplanting sections and mucking about with filler, etc.

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I haven't been on top of updating my projects. This one has had the last of the needed fab work completed and has had some of its pieces painted. 

I ended up replacing the rear wheels and tires with ones from the newer Revell Model A kits to go with the fronts. I changed the body to the one from the Rat Roaster kit because I like the shape of it better and it comes with an appropriately chopped windshield. I made flat wheel wheels to fit it and also made a floor panel for the rearmost part of the frame where the gas tank was removed. Got the final engine and suspension details sorted out like the lower radiator hose and generator. I also built all of the interior using a '40 Ford dash & steering wheel and the side panels and seat from a Monogram '30 Touring kit.

Here's some final mock up pictures before starting paint.












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Just keeps getting better and better. I was going to ask you, have you ever looked at the dropped front axle and brake backing plates in the Monogram 1/24 Deuce roadster? Far and away the most accurate and realistic I've ever seen in scale. 

20180302_112808-vi (2).jpg


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Been working on getting things painted the last few weeks. At this point everything is done for the chassis, engine and interior with the body in its first round of white primer. I sat down this afternoon and assembled the entire chassis and engine. Thankfully, everything went together without any drama. I need to do a few touch ups and still need to run fuel lines to the carbs. 

Frame is Tamiya black but I very tediously masked the floor so it would stay in gray primer. The engine is Tamiya "Light Gunmetal". The wheels, dashboard and steering wheel are Tamiya "Racing White". The upholstery is Tamiya "Light Earth". 

All that's left now is to get the body in paint and then on to final assembly. Close! 
















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Over the last couple of days I managed to get the body, grill shell and headlights in final paint (Tamiya Racing White) and clear (also, Tamiya.)

Couldn't resist setting the body on the chassis for a look!





Got a couple of small details to finalize and polish the paint then final assembly can happen.

On the home stretch now!

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