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Recycled Glue Bomb kit from the 70's

bill lanfear

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My first build in almost 30 years. This is an old issue Revell 54 Chevy gasser kit that was sitting on my shelf.  It was missing quite a few parts like the front door panels, front and rear bumpers, front and rear suspensions, engine, and tranny among other things.  What was there was a broken back window, cracked front valence panel and the body was so thin you could almost see through it.  I thought about finding a re-issue version but opted for fabrication and robbing my parts boxes.  I began with weathering the body to hide some of glue stains and went from there.  I used a combination of methods (salt chipping and windex and dusting to achieve the effects you see. The windshield, side windows and back window are scratch built using clear projection sheets from the old style school overhead projectors. This was my first time using BMF and am still learning its challenges and realized this was probably not the best one to start with as most of the body lines were pretty minimal and faint. 

54 Chevy 1.JPG

54 Chevy 3.JPG

54 Chevy 6.JPG

54 Chevy 12.JPG

54 Chevy 18.JPG

54 Chevy 21.JPG

54 Chevy 30.JPG

54 Chevy 35.JPG

54 Chevy 41.JPG






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thank you, I made the seats with using spray adhesive and a certain type paper towel my wife buys, I paint the towel the yellow color and let dry. I spread out some masking tape between two coat hanger wires and paint both sides, when dry I spray adhesive the seat again and apply the tape then wait for it to dry. Then I cut it up with hobby knife and snag some yellow paper towel here and there and fold here and there then I take real rust smashed to a powder and vigorously dust the seat on top and under the tears with a stiff brush (dry).  Similar for the headliner except I used real wire for the bows and sectioned the tape appropriately.  The pictures show some glare on the tape that screams MASKING TAPE but the effect looks real in person without the glare.

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Here are a few more shots.  I put windows all the way around as this car will be in a diorama I am planning and it will be sitting in a field in a line of other parked and forgotten cars. Anyway, it makes it a bear to take pictures of the interior without glare from the windows! Sorry for the poor quality pics.

54 Chevy 38.JPG




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Thank you!  I have not been in the game for quite some time and have been collecting kits only to see the boxes glisten on the shelves.  The wife said it was time to "do something with them".  The game has changed a lot since I was a kid when the hobby was geared towards youngsters that could afford a little glue and paint and could pick up a kit for 5 bucks.  I love the realism the aftermarket community has brought to the hobby but simply cant get the wife on board with the cost of those little bitty parts and details, so I brainstorm to try and come up with cheaper alternatives.  I have been studying ideas and saving pictures etc. for a long time and am grateful for forums like this to learn new ideas.  I am not sure if my method is original or not but will sure share with fellow modelers what I do to get the results you see.  I look at this build and can pick it apart with "I should have done this or that" and maybe I might revisit it in the future to make it better.  I am rambling!  Thanks for the interest!   

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