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Well I think I am calling this one done! (Except plates) It is my second build since I was a kid. Lots of scratch building as the kit was lacking this and that! I went for the "daily driver" look.  I was building this kit while also working on my 54 Chevy sedan.  I enjoyed this kit as I remember the real thing everywhere when I was younger.  Hope you enjoy checking it out!













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You definitely nailed the daily driver look and knocked it out of the park, exceptional detail. If this is your second model since you were a kid then I can't wait to see the next one.

X2! This Blazer looks like something you would typically see  in the 80's, faded original green paint and white wide wheels, owner driving it like it would never be a collectors item.

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Thank you all for the positive comments!  I will be building the next several with the same late 70's early 80's theme as I remember them, you know, when you could find 68 Camaros, and 66 Chevelles for under a grand!  Or when the street was full of those beauties from the 60's and 70's.  Next up is Philo Beddoe's 55 Chevy step side! I will post my progress on the workbench. Thanks again!

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I like it, especially the antenna is a nice touch. Of course, over here any fullsize Blazer has always been kind of an enthusiast car, but I guess it's probably accurate of how a daily driven Blazer would have looked in the US in the 80s, as someone said.

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Thanks again everybody! Your projects and comments have helped to keep me motivated in the hobby this time around, its been a long time (30 years). This one is my second build since getting back into it.  I am rapping up my fourth build and it will be posted here soon. If interested, my 1st was a Revell 54 Chevy car, ( "70's glue bomb"  under car section) 3rd was "project every which way" found on this board. (55 Chevy pickup).  4th is the Moebius ford 4x4 currently under workbench.   Thanks again!

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