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What ever happened to???

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Hey guys, does anybody know what happened to these guys? Are they still around? I just got a couple of copies of MRN to plug some holes in my collection, and while perusing their add, I saw a bunch of stuff that I have wanted for a while. If anybody knows, please let me know. Thanks. Something tells me Mr Raitz was/is a good customer of theirs.....



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AFAIK, Ricambi was a product of Mike Quarterman and was kind of an adjunct to his magazine Motor Racing Replica News (which changed to Motor Racing Models). Both have since gone away. MQ sold Ricambi to another group which couldn't make a go of it and it went away (about 200-2001). MQ is still about and is responsible for a lot of Studio 27 decal sheets (I think he's UMI Graphics). Anyway, grab them when you can, I know I do.

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