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Earl Marischal

Danica retires in 2018

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Yep, that's what i was thinking, we ain't seen the last of her. :huh:

She will be behind the mic soon as soon as she decides to stop driving. I would love it is FOX dumped Jaws(DW), his infomercial  on JR is the biggest reason I stopped watching and started following in the press and Internet.  

Danica is smarter than Jaws and I bet she even knows there are more than 5 cars on the rack and will talk about them all. 

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I have season tickets at Kansas, which doesn't mean much, other than I have seen a number of races.  But having seen Danica race in person a number of times, the boys did not play nice with her quite often.  I can recall instances where Logano, Hamlin and Kahne in particular were squeezing her and not giving her the room to maneuver her car they way they gave other male drivers.  It all looks innocent enough on T.V. because the cameras do not and cannot spend the time covering a single driver for a number of laps; however, sitting in the stands, there was nothing innocent about what the boys were doing on a number of occasions.   


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It's too bad, I'll miss her and I wish she had been more successful. I built a Danica COT Impala not too long ago and asked my 7 year old daughter to choose the paint scheme, and then we got to talking about a woman driving a race car as if it were the most usual thing in the world. My daughter was very impressed and it got her thinking about all the stuff women can choose to do.


So I hope at some point Danica comes back. In the meantime I'm going to build more of her rides.

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