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1929 Model A Ford repurposed workhorse


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I'm not sure if it should be posted here or in the truck section. It started with a bag of parts I bought off ebay. There was enough for a complete chassis so I went with the repurposed farm vehicle look. The body is basswood made to look as worn out as the rest. This is the 2nd time trying to make wood look old, not too bad but could be better. I built the trailer frame from scratch & put an old Model A box from my parts stash. Cut off fireplace matches from the dollar store for fence posts & made the tools from plastic & toothpicks. Just something fun to do.

db&more 018.JPG

db&more 019.JPG

db&more 025.JPG

db&more 029.JPG

db&more 023.JPG

db&more 037.JPG

db&more 042.JPG

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VERY realistic!!! Back in the 1980's a buddy and I would hunt on old Carolina farms for 30's era cars and parts. Yours looks much like what we would find. We found an intact 1930 Fordor sedan that had been cut behind the drivers door......wood flooring was reused for a cab back and and bed was made from old wood.....

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