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1967 Fairlane - Anyone making a grille for one? How about a Ranchero???

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Since Modelhaus packed it in, replacement parts can be somewhat of a problem, can't they?? Is anyone casting a grille, a dashboard, good tail lights and dated rear bumper for a '67" Converting a '66 to a '67 is a snap with those pieces at hand and I, for one, prefer the '67 to the '66 - probably because I have owned several of them. Also, sopmeone needs to step out and d the '67 Ranchero with Fairlane 5000 side trim.. I am reasonably certain those would sell. Given the scarcity and the prices of '67 kits, and the ease of using most existing molds, it would seem to me to be crazy not to release a new issue of the '67 and then do the Ranchero. Hello Revell.... are you there? Listening?


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4 hours ago, 426hemiman said:

E mail him he made some about 6 mo ago.

Email sent as you suggested,, thank you. I am pretty sure thata there would be a market for anything '67 Fairlane including the factry 2 door sedans to the Ranchero and the Country Squire and basic Fairlane wagons.  - or - a sedan delivery in Fairlane 599 adornment.!!???

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