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Hello all you awesome model builders (I've seen em'!) Excited about my first build. Either the Munsters Koach or Grandpa's Drag-U-La. Came here for advice on which one to do first, what I need to get started, which paints and glues to use, etc. My models do not say which colors to use and I want to be as close to the real deal as possible. Looking forward to getting to know this group and seeing even more of your work.  

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Hello and welcome.  I highly suggest checking out MunsterKoach.com for anything Munster related to these cars. I'm using the site for reference photos of the original cars and the detailing.  As far as colors go with your best guess, to whatever matches up to the car. Always check out different stores like Ryders, Hobby Lobby, and Michaels for different colors each store carries different colors.  On my Drag-u-la I'm using Grape by Testers for the motor block. Haven't started Koach yet, but looking up and studying the palette on it. 


Build at your own speed, no hurries, slow and steady is always good. You don't want to rush and mess up your paint. I use Testors paint on my builds, even some water based acrylics for small stuff.   This site has a lot of knowledge on it and everyone is very helpful. 

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