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Morgan Automotive Detail (MAD) chopped '52-3 Hudson Hornet body.

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Just got the newest car body from Kris. 

Full disclosure- I had a hand in the development of this. Kris had wanted to do a chopped top body for these kits as soon as they were out, and somehow I ended up being the guy who got the ball rolling. He and I both agreed that the existing Jimmy Flintstone body was chopped just a bit too much. This has an approximate 3" chop, and also has the roof trim removed for a cleaner look. After doing the chop I wasn't happy with my drip rails and window trim, but Kris had a plan B in mind. After I sent him the chopped body, Detroit-area modeler Corey Bass added drip rails and scribed in the windshield and backlight trim. Mr. Bass has a much steadier hand than I for sure! Mine would not have looked anywhere near as clean and symmetrical. 

Anyway... minimal cleanup was needed on the body, and all the Moebius kit parts fit like they were meant for it. Speaking of cleanup- I removed the mold seams present on the front and rear fenders and along the trunk lid which are present on the kit body, because I hate it when I get a resin body based on a plastic one and it still has all the mold lines and sink marks. :) Naturally, it'll fit any of the '52 or '53 Club Coupes. 

The body isn't on the site yet, but Kris is an active member here, and he can be contacted via his website http://www.madmodeling.com/store/ccp0-display/splash.html

One last thing- I'm not doing this as a lowrider- I borrowed the chassis and hood from one I'm building that way. 





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