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``Fireball Resin : EXCELLENT !

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I just received my order from Fireball Resins ( a/k/a , Chief Joseph ) and WOW these pieces are AMAZING ! 

I bought the following pieces (see attachments)

- 1969-1970 Polara / Monaco Wheel Covers ( FMR 121 )

- 1968-1970 Dart Wheel Covers ( FMR 123 ) 

The "121" are going to find their way onto the Revell 1970 Charger R/T ; the "123" are slated for a Revell 1969 Dart GTS 383 .

These parts are outstanding , to say the very least .



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i  agree 100%  ,  ordered  the 15 inch minilite  wheels for trans am race cars from  Randy  at Model Builders Warehouse.  the wheels are  perfect and come  with hubs!  Randy's  service is  also  outstanding.

quick replies  to e-mails and fast shipping.

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I've bought a bunch of parts from Fireball, excellent quality and top notch service.  I got a set each of those Mopar wheel covers a while back...I think I'll use the 121s on a '69 Coronet wagon or '70 Coronet 4dr sedan, and the 123s on a base '68 Charger. 

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Same for me, I agree, Fireball was çertsinly one of the best aftermarket on market! II have lot of stuff from  him, wheels, tires, carburetor,  all was perfect resin or decals ! 

The good thing with decals always have an extra wheels in case of disaster ! Same with resin, always have extra parts just in case! 

And the most important he give an excellente service ! 

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9 hours ago, george 53 said:

I bought his a couple of sets of his Mopar 6 pak set ups, an a few of his GM 4bbl carbs and let me tell ya, they are THE MOOK! I will buy HIS carbs EXCLUSIVELY  from here on in! Theres no comparison to his quality!


Those Holley 2300s look incredible ! Heck , all of his atomisers look magnificent !  Joseph chooses some unique subjects to replicate --- who else would think to offer 1/25 scale freakin' 1969-1970 Monaco / Polara 15" wheel covers ??? I've been in contact with the Chief regarding the 1971-only , Plymouth-only , 14" "W11" wheel covers ; the 1970-1971 Dodge "W11" wheel covers were another proposal .

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8 hours ago, 1972coronet said:

What parts did you buy ? He has so many killer MoPar pieces !

A couple set of Hemi carbs and 1 pair of the AVS carbs , plus 3 different kind of mopar wheel covers





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