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What would YOU like to see as a model

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48 minutes ago, cobraman said:

I would love to see some concept cars kitted.

Me too. Chrysler Corp. and Ghia built some real beauties that few people today are aware of. I'd buy these, but I'm probably a minority of one.

It's interesting to note how many styling elements from the examples below made it to production vehicles, and not just those from Chrysler Corp.



Chrysler GS-1 Coupe Concept (1954) - Old Concept Cars

The 1957 Chrysler-Ghia Dart concept car. : RetroFuturism

1954 Chrysler DeSoto Adventurer II Ghia Concept - Robb Report | Desoto ...

Chrysler's Anti-Cobra:The Ghia 450SS

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15 hours ago, Russell C said:

This all ties together - the tan 1:1 Chalet above is #1460 (these are designated by the last 4 digits of the camper serial number plate), and the guy who had that one was unable to sell it from 2015 to 2018, rare as it might be, because he was asking as much as triple what the going rate was for these in the condition his rig was in. Possible that he never sold it, maybe. And yep, I've heard from more than one dealer worker that the dealerships couldn't move these back in '76 - '77 off the showroom floor or off the lot for over two years after they got them. One guy told me how one of these was dropped off by GM at the dealership in the middle of the night with no warning it was coming. Lately there's been a flurry of interest in the 1:1s by a tiny handful of rich guys with lots of dolars but no sense about looking into the prior sales histories of these, sending 'em up to really inflated values, but I think the air is going out of that speculation bubble more all the time.

Me, I used to own Chalet #1747, and I'm still the caretaker of the ancient blazerchalet.com website. Tragically, I have zero time to bring it up to 21st century speed. I went so far several years back as to snap up three cheap eBay kits of the MPC and Revell and Monogram kits, but still haven't figured out which is the best base for a factory stock GMC Jimmy Casa Grande version. If one of these kits was re-tooled and also altered to be more accurate in proportions and details, it would save me a lot of bother of trying to fix the basic scale problems in the kit, where I could devote more time to scratchbuilding the camper unit.

Never did hear a story as to what GM was thinking when they brought these to market. The middle of the night delivery is not entirely unheard of, and I think it may depend more on where the dealership is located. On a Saturday we would close the store between 6 pm and sometimes later depending on traffic. The Motor Transport drivers would put the keys to the vehicles dropped off in the Service Dept. night drop box. There were times when a couple of us would stick around and help them unload and we would put the new vehicles in Service where they would be secured for the weekend. As for the Chalets I think they may have been many years ahead of their time. The last few years the "Overlanding" craze has become popular, and these are pretty much what people are building for that style of camping and off-road today. As I recall they were a little pricy even when new. Every Chevrolet dealership I interacted with got one and was never given an option of not getting one. I remember a lot of strange things happening like this when I was in the car business. 

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I've got a top ten list of what I'd like to see kitted.

  1. 1970-1972  Olds Cutlass Supreme--Formal Roof based on the Revell '72 convertible, not the new '71 442.
  2. 1974-1976  Pontiac Firebird/Trans Am--Updated versions.
  3. 1974-1976  Chevy Camaro/Z28--Updated versions.
  4. 1973-1975  Chevy Chevelle/Malibu/Laguna--Stock versions.
  5. 1985-1989  Chevy Camaro IROC-Z--Updated versions.
  6. 1970  Mercury Cyclone Spoiler.
  7. 1979-1981  Pontiac Firebird/Trans Am--A Better Designed Kit, LOL.
  8. 1971-1972  Chevy Chevelle/Malibu--A Better Designed Kit.
  9. 1970-1972  Pontiac Lemans/GTO--A Better Designed Kit.
  10. 2000-2005  Chevy Monte Carlo SS--Factory Stock Version.
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2 hours ago, 1959scudetto said:

If I could choose just ONE model, then it would be this: my favourite of the "classic" Ferraris:


Anything with Ferrari and Lusso (and Barchetta for that matter) in its name.

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1 hour ago, W Humble said:

Did the Comet come on the market as a '60 model, or a '61?  To me they were just a bollixed-up Falcon.  I built some 1959 AMT kits, but the first one I actually finished was a '60 Edsel ragtop.  Wick

The Comet was a 1960 model and was intended to be an Edsel. I believe some were even registered as such. Since the ‘60 Edsel ended production in Dec ‘59 the Comet became a stand alone brand in ‘60 and marketed as a Mercury beginning in ‘61. The taillights on the ‘60 Comet are the same ones used on the ‘60 Edsel. 

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On 11/1/2022 at 5:57 PM, modelercarl said:

The Hess (oil company) model was promo of their travelling classroom.  A company I worked for in the early 70's bought one for use by the sales department and I was able to use it when available.  Took weeklong family vacations with it.  Great to drive with the front wheel drive (Olds engine).  The Hess model shows rear wheel drive is not accurate.   

Several years ago there was a post on here by a modeler that cut his in half and built out the interior like a true motor home, getting rid of the class setup.  Very well done. 

Hess GMC motorhome .JPG

1980 Hess training van ....

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