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Palmer 1968 Dodge Charger R/T to trade

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Some of you guys have a soft spot for Palmer models. The rest of you probably cried when you unwrapped one on Christmas morning.

This one has been chemically stripped of the purple body paint and most of the roof flat black. Has either a small scuff mark on the front window or maybe it's a thin glue smear. Not very noticeable at all. Body sides glued on neatly.

Some very light scuffs on the wheelcovers and some chrome loss on the lower front bumper. Missing the steering wheel. What you see is what you get.

Will trade for:

AMT 1968 El Camino transmissions & possibly 1 window unit

1/20th manual transmissions & bellhousings from either Monogram Corvette or MPC AMX. 1/20th only

Windows (clear & undamaged) from Lindberg 1/20 Firebird, any variation

MPC 1/20th Funny Car or T-Bucket parts

AMT 1965 Chevelle AWB or Circle Track front bumper/grille with conical headlight covers.

AMT 1969 Torino Annual front bumper unit with GT emblem

Roof: Complete or partial from JoHan 1965 Chrysler 300 hardtop

If you can see pics, the Palmer kit is available.

PM if you want a response. Thank You





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"soft spot" for Palmer?

I think the only soft spot is found on the head of the guy who designed that kit! holy cow, that's laughable! Box art is pretty cool though.

Having said that, I guarantee there's someone collecting these kits. 

Heck, I like old ESCI kits, and they're kind crappy too!


Good luck with the trade! :)



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I guess these old Palmer kits are what you could describe as the "freehand" approach to model production. ;)

If you notice, in the upper left corner of the box, instead of "scale model" it says "replica of".

Even that is quite a stretch! :D


Good luck!




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I am interested in it but don't have anything you are looking for. Any other ideas? PM me.


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