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Monograms 29 Ford P/U Rat Rod Done

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On 3/25/2018 at 5:37 PM, oldcarfan said:

This is one of my favorite kits, especially this reissue with all the cool parts. I built it at around 10 y.o. when it was molded in orange. I think it was the Orange Crate or something like that. I got it by begging my grandma for money. I built it that summer with probably two tubes of Testor's tube glue. I'm at the age where I get nostalgic, so a couple years ago, I bought two of the Rat Rod reissue and built one as a stock 29 truck and the other as a hot rod.

It is a nice kit, and has a lot of possibilities to do different versiond.

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6 hours ago, Johnt671 said:

What you are saying here is exactly what I going for on this one. I shouldn't have called it a rat rod but a ratty looking car slowly being fixed up. Thanks for your post. Wow, I forgot about Earl Scheib who would paint any car for $29.99. But that was a lot back in those days, and the last thing done to a rod. Motor first, at least two nice wheels for the front then improve the interior.

Oh yeah.....Earl Scheib, good ole' Uncle Earl. I would guess quite a few young car owners got their first paint jobs from that chain. I see you're located in Pennsylvania. You may not be aware of this, but my reference to TJ, was short for Tijuana, Mexico....where lots of southern California hot rodders could go, across the border, to get upholstery work done very inexpensively. Another forgotten fact, is that Western Auto, Pep Boys, Eastern Auto, etc, sold slip covers for most sizes of car seats back then, and guys would go that route for a while until they saved up for new upholstery.  We also tend to forget that, in the fifties, 60, almost 70 years ago, hot rods started out in better shape. These thirties cars might have old paint on them, but otherwise would be in generally fair shape, all things considered, when bought by a hot rodder, spare original parts and sheet metal was everywhere, and fairly cheap.

Your model reminds me of a Model A pick-up a good friend had when I was in High School. Kip was his name, and Kip had it painted bright yellow a year later after graduating. he added hydraulic ( 40 Ford ) brakes, a "B" engine, and of course, a then-new 8-track tape stereo system. It was cool.

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As I'm collecting Ford roadsters and early suspension parts, I have purchased this Pick-Up kit, should be fun.

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I grew up and north New Jersey, and I did a lot of buying at Western Auto. We had a Pep Boys in the area but it was in a bad town so we never went there. There is still a Pep Boys in Wilkes Barre I think, I haven't been you that way for a while. That also had to be good days for good old J.C. Whitney. I remember them being so slow to send anything out but I still bought from them.


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