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Dark Deuce Quickie Build

Joe Handley

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Threw this together for the club build project. I've known about it for a while, but with how the last 4-5 months have been, so I kinda threw this together in the last couple days between work, visiting Mom after work, and sleep, which is why I don't have many build pics of it.  Not my best work, and I have a few things I'll do different if I build another one of the '32 Kits.  The headlights and shocks/brackets are in the purple pothole (I used a prescription bottle), but those will be in flat black as well and I may paint the shock portion with Future once the black primer is dry.





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2 hours ago, Bill Eh? said:

I am really liking your combination of flat black and a dark shade of red on the wheels.

Thanks, it's Model Master GM Flame Red over the same Duplicolor Black Primer the rest of the car is painted in, I just left off the clear coat to give it a semigloss sheen over glossy on the wheels, engine, and interior. The chrome that remains I hit with Pactra Window.Tint for lexan R/C bodies. The tail lights are self stick rhinestones from Michael's and I may go pick up some normal ones today while heading over to visit Mom.

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Thanks, I wanted kind of a sinister, down and dirty street fighter/chopper like hot rod, plus the time frame I had to work in, wouldn't allow for something pretty.  I did get a picture of it from last night with a friend's (and former co-worker) more showcar like version of the 3 Window and a Model A Lowboy he built with input from his little son and a Surf Woody he put together.




Oh, here's the other two year end contest builds, the black Ardun headed roadster (also built  by a good friend and now an inlaw of a current coworker:lol:) and the Model A p/u came in First and Second, while my friend's 3 Window and Chopped A tied with my 5 Window for Third.



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