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Tamiya Porsche Carrera GT (updated January 14th)


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HI all, 

I've been working on this version of my favorite exotic of all time for over a year now between other projects, slowly but surely, and thought I'd post some mediocre pics I've collected over the past few days. I'll take some body shots and post them later. It's been painted a non-traditional color - a dark pearl blue. Pics will take you right up to where I'm currently at.

This is the first time I've gone all-out with the carbon fiber decals. The rear portion of the monocoque is notoriously difficult to get flat, but I've managed to ensure that the places where there are flaws are by and large going to be covered up by components. The wheel tubs were also a bear, but I've finally managed to finish them. 

CF decals are scale motorsport, as are the photoetch components (other than the hose clamps - they're detail master I believe).









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Brief update:

Started working on putting together the rear shock system using photoetch and RBMotion parts. Coming together slowly, it's taken some thought to figure out how to get it all in place since it needs to attach in three places at once, and fit, and I'd like it to move if possible. The photoetch for the rear springs was broken on the tree. Probably my fault somewhere along the line. I'm robbing the parts from the front to use in the rear since they won't be seen anyways. That means the shape of the heim joint linkage thing is slightly incorrect, but I'm not too concerned about it. 

Should have it all installed by Tuesday, and then it's time to drop the body on top and start the final stages of assembly. 

Mixal: I've just used tamiya acrylic clear red on the shocks. A bit rubbed off while assembling, but I just touched it up through the springs with a tiny brush and it looks good as new. 



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Got around to doing some new work the past week after spending the previous little while redoing the shocks more cleanly. Started work on the rear engine hatch, first molding the hexagonal mesh for it, then finishing the underside, then installing. Along the way, the mesh slipped through the hold and chipped the paint finish on the top quite badly, so I ended up stripping and repainting it. Then painting and carbon fibering the "inside", and today installing the mesh. Once installed, the lid is so tight, I don't see how I'm going to be able to get it to open and close without damaging the delicate hinge mechanism, so I'm considering removing the hinges altogether and just removing the hood when I want to display the internals. We'll see what happens. Just about finished: time for wheels, then rear windshield, and finally the baseplate under the car, and I'll be done. I've taken some more not the greatest photos and attached them here. I'll take some nice properly staged ones for "under glass".  








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1 hour ago, Cien1986 said:

Your work is remarkable...

Perfect in every aspect...

I have one too in the box.... but 1/12 scale...

Will try to tinkering abit later on

Oh man I was sooo tempted to buy the 1:12 but you can buy so many 1:24 for that price!!! Maybe if I get a pay rise :)

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