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Revell Torino


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Nice Torino.

I refer to that former favorite picture sharing/storage site as "PhotoToilet" since they kicked us all to the curb without notification. Free to $400/year is preposterous. Somebody in that corporation was looking only at the little picture of finances. They failed to consider the mass exodus of their former customers in what the change would do to their bottom line. If they could provide their services for free for a decade and a half, it doesn't take a financial genius or wizard to see that changing to $400/year would fail and may very well bring about an end to the company. You could probably count the suckers who bought into their new scheme on the fingers of an amputee.

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5 hours ago, Belugawrx said:

This blows the 76 away !

In general, you'll get no argument from me about that. It's titling this thread as just "Revell Torino" that gives one no clue on which Revell Torino one is going to find? A '70 Torino is always better than a '76 Torino IMO. Still I like the '76 Torino too. 

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