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2018 Cannonball Run


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No, the 2JZ is a resin motor from a styrene parts trade with local L.I.A.R.S member Anthony G./TheGameBoy56Resins. I also have some spare resin turbos from a older trade with him that I plan on using as well. 

(psst, you have my name as "RockrollerLT1" on the list, JSYK)

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The story so far....




Did quite a bit of scratch building, trimming, and parts scrounging for the 2JZ and the engine compartment. Quite a tight squeeze in there (won't be able to see the 2nd turbo once the cowl in in) and considering it's 1/24 vs the AMT's 1/25th I used on a eariler 2JZ swapped F-body, that made some things a bit more difficult but was still possible. Used spare turbos from Olds Areo on shortened and trimmed Ferrari Enzo V12 headers and made intake tubes from spare chrome parts trees. The idea for the intake was it to be ram air style for functionality, so I found a old painted radiator from a 80s Turbo FWD of some sort and used that. 







Exhaust is the old LT1 style from a 93 Pace Car as it's on the same side as the 2JZ's header and easier to intergrate going by experience on a 2JZ'd '93 I built long ago. The 98 strangely had a single exhaust tip setup so a dual tip f-body muffler was scrounged up but was missing the tips. So, on went spare aluminum stacks from the Opel GT as new tips.  Also had to modify the radiator so the fan shrouds don't hit the motor as much.





Also opened up the vents and expanded the snorkel scoops on the hood for better air flow with that tight motor and the turbos.




Still have some small things and a bit of clean up to do motorwise as I plan to ad in intercooler to slightly show where the lower front lights were, then it'll be setting the ride height/wheels and it's off to paint. Had Walmart Color-place Fire Red in mind to complement my older 2JZ T/A build





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Some updates: moved the position of the radiator again because I still wasn't happy with how close it was to the motor. Molded in piece ended up breaking so I found a painted one from an ancient F-body build, separated it and then trimmed what remained of the existing lower air dam for a more refined fit. Also patched in a very small piece in the engine bay (that must've broke off when removing the front molded in air intake) with a piece of sheet styrene, and did some slight trimming to a teensy section on one of the sides of the fan shroud so the 2JZ's intake pipe will go through to it. I decided against the intercooler under the front bumper since I believe my Ram-Air configuration will be enough to keep that 2J cool. I'll probably end up putting in some screening mesh to put in the opened up vents for posterity.20180725_002603.thumb.jpg.2f0226c71dc1900f54bbbe54d418c1d0.jpg 


Also got the ride height approx to where it will be. Not going to be doing any serious lowering because I imagine gonna be on some bumpy roads and I don't want any scraping giving any issues. Center of wheels will be painted later once detail painting commences when the sprayed parts are dried. Forgot to mentioned I opened up the molded in side vents as well.



Just need to do some final body sanding with lighter grits for a smoother surface and get all the parts not attached to sprues taped up to hold so they won't fly off. Tomorrow will then come body and parts spraying! (weather providing)

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I originally decided not to go with a front intercooler, but why press my luck and have issues during the race so I went with it anyway. Found an intercooler from what seems like an old Revell Impreza STi motor and combine that with a piece of a yellow molded exhaust system, can work with the 2JZ's intake pipe through the radiator and gets me extra insurance. 20180725_012503.thumb.jpg.92684d1819ee868b518848e7682125dc.jpg 

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Nice one Rick, Welcome! "2JZ No S#!T"

The Soviet Silvia has been making progress lately, I decidied to remove the spare wheel well to allow for a better exhaust setup & the tunnel was also enlarged. 

The engine bay is now complete, Ive added alot of detail with different thickness vinyl shapes that ive cut. & finally the missing rear bumper support structure was constructed.

Made a start on the exhaust system & spent alot of time refining the fit of the bodykit & sanding it smooth. Hoping to have it in the paint booth in a couple of weeks, got the first base colour now just need to scource a couple more!

Stay tuned! Ash













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If we are talking ideas here are some of mine. 

- electric (you would have to scratch biult your own electric type motor)

- pre 1960 (only using cars, motors, tires and everything else that is older than 1960)

- rear engine (the cars motor would have to be behind the driver)

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We did a poll at the end of last year and picked from the top five. Inliners won of course, but here are the remaining four still for consideration.

  •   4 cylinders ONLY
  • Pro-Touring - I think this is gonna be my pick.
  • Oddballs
  • Vans - to include panel trucks but not sedan deliveries
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Had another succesful eveing at the bench!

Wheels are ready for paint, trimed down the lips to suit the tires.






Got stuck in & finished off the rear exhaust system, pretty happy with how its come out, still lots of tidying up to do tho.





Also got the majortiy of the twin turbo exhaust built.



Still lots to do!

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19 hours ago, 426 pack said:

- electric (you would have to scratch biult your own electric type motor)

I like this idea, but maybe hybrids too, imagine a Big V8 with a F1 style Hy-KERS system, hell Porsche just shattered the lap record round the 'ring with a turbo 4cycl Hybrid with 1100hp! applications are endless!

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On 7/26/2018 at 8:38 PM, da_ashman said:

Had another succesful eveing at the bench!

Wheels are ready for paint, trimed down the lips to suit the tires.

Got stuck in & finished off the rear exhaust system, pretty happy with how its come out, still lots of tidying up to do tho.

Also got the majortiy of the twin turbo exhaust built.

Still lots to do!

Fantastic fab work!!!

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I apologize for lack of updates, had to strip the paint job due to humidity causing bubbles underneath that somehow got under a near perfect finish. While waiting for it's purple bath to finish, I was also trying to finish up a Quad 4 swapped Opel GT that was started way before I joined in on the 2018 CB. With the Opel nearly finished (just need to get a moment to assemble it all) I also tried to squeeze in whatever time I had after work and find a less humid day to respray the 2JZ bird's body. This paint job came out much better... aside from a teensy big landing on the chicken emblem on the front bumper, which isn't a biggie as I plan to ether lightly sand it down then apply an leftover unused chicken decal from my 2002 CE build that would likely fit over it. Worst case scenario would be to apply a licence plate over it, making it more street legal since while kinda ugly looking, I've seen 1:1s that have them so option B wouldn't be unusual if so.

No pictures right now, tired as s and i'll get new pics of the 2JZ Firebird soon when I do my photo batch alongside finished pics of the Opel GT in a different thread.

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11 hours ago, afx said:

Great project Ashley,  Can ask where the wheels came from?

Hey Mate, they're from C1 Models RWB 993 Transkit, it came with 2 sets of wheels I choose the other set for my RWB build. I cant remember the name of the wheel but pretty sure its not Work Mesieters S1, the spokes are too narrow, he doesn't sell wheels separate anymore, which is a BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH shame coz he does some great wheels!

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Update 8/3: 

Got the body parts, 2JZ valve cover, and custom engine bay plate painted Colorplace Fire Red after just the 2nd painting attempt (same color I used on the 93 I built in 2009). Though there were some minor imperfections, they were lightly sanded down i a few spots and the front bumper on the chicken emblem thanks to Mr. Teensy fly. Then I applied Pledge/Future and here's how it all looks before I do some toothpaste polish.










In some shots, it looks different and kinda pink but that's due to lighting and such in my room. It's a much darker red than what you see in the pics. Drip came down because I had just applied it and still wet.


I plan to paint the chicken flat black or apply the leftover CE bird decal to further break up the reds, but that's all once I get to detail painting. 


Soon we'll be ready for mother road!

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Proof that I've been trying to get some work done on my Cannonball Run entry.

Primed with Gravity Colors 2K white primer and topped off with Gravity's Skyline Midnight Purple followed by automotive 2K clear.

Hoping to get some real work done later in the week. Needs to be wet sanded and buffed, just fresh from the booth, for now....proof....


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Got a bit of time today. Started on polishing the body. Wet sanded and rubbed out ( still some spots to work on) but getting there. 

I wanted get a look at the stance. Front suspension is in place and unmodified and at the moment I like how it sits. The rear suspension is not there the wheel is just tucked

up in there for looks, so it sits low right now.



Next up is getting the engine bay prep'd for the HD RB 26 engine kit. I'm also hoping to get the rear suspension set up tomorrow and the wheels painted.

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Jhedir - that colour looks fantastic!! Cant wait to see more!!

Ive had the last 2 days off work being sick & looking after sick kids, so while they were napping I got some bench time! Had also made some decent progress before that too.

Scratchbuilt the roll-cage, went with a Tigercage design. Added A little something Russian to keep the soviets ahead....







Also mostly finished up the pipping for the turbo / intercooler etc. I'm going to lift the rear turbo up a bit.




& with big brother...



Decided to piece everything together to see how it fits, what changes needed to be made etc. 








I was pretty happy with how things were looking at this point, but realised the turbos needed some fresh air... So I cut a massive hole out of the bonnet, kinda wish I didnt, bit i did... I'll fill this area in with some PE mesh & paint it with the car.




Speaking of colours, Ive got them all now! Hoping to get some painting done over the weekend! Fingers crossed!



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