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69 Olds 442- Swap-N-Build CBP project

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So, here is my completion from the Swap-n-build project. I received a 69 OLDS 442 from Modlbldr. Build thread can be seem here. 


My build intention was to be of a modern restomod theme. Attempting to keep the majority of the car in a factory form with updated drivetrain and suspension.

I attempted to keep the engine bay appearing stock for the theme. My research found that these engines had a whole bunch of iron(block/heads/manifolds), all of which was painted a goldish color except the exhaust manifolds. I chose to keep the block gold, but updated with aluminum heads and intake manifold, and headers. Then a couple pieces of chrome.

Interior is 100% kit stock.

I lowered the suspension a lot, didn't measure before to know how much, but until it looked good to my eye. Some how I didn't get it level side to side either, but it isn't a three wheeler, so I can deal with it.

Wheels are Pegasus 19 front and 23 rear with centercaps I machined on my lathe, along with a Pegasus brake rotor and caliper hiding inside of the wheels

Paint is MM Italian red No. 28109, with the kit rallye stripe decals. Seems to show every single little dust particle too.







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Very nice, lowered just right....

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Thanks for the compliments guys.

Looking back at my pictures, I guess I need to go back and install the battery and at least one mirror. It also looks like I could have gotten a little more dust off of it before pictures, Maybe better pictures after the additional parts get installed.

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