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F430 Challenge - PIC HEAVY - FINISHED!


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So i just started another build since the Murcielago is finished.

This is a quick and simple build, but that is something Fujimi tends to be like i noticed after doing 2 kits from them so far. Ive spend maybe 2days some hours working on it, and i have already finished all the interior, cage, engine painting, and installed the whole interior and suspension (as little as there is sadly but ow well).

All thats left is the body work and to assemble the engine parts... I;m planning osmething out of the ordinary for this F430, as i plan to paint it Tamiya TS31, i plan to do without primer, as ive currently only got the red Tamiya primer, and i didnt like how the seats turned out when using the red primer with the TS31 paint over it. The can shows it to be really bright (which i want obviously) but with the red primer underneath it became to much of a cognac leather color, looks good for the seats afterall, but not how id want the body to be,  due to being short on time and money currently id see how it turns out when i just paint over the plastic, the body has just 3 small mold lines to get rid off with sanding and then we will see how it looks.

For now here some pics of the work that ive done so far on it:

Wheels put together and onto the chassis:



Seats painted and put together:



Seats and dashboard installed:


Cage fully put together and started paint (these are a hell to paint by brush....):





Cage with all the painted engine parts:


Mockup of all the engine parts assembled:


Interior fully assembled with cage now:



Thats it for now, more coming soon!

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The body has finally been painted. Needed some corrections after the 1st time i painted it, now it looks decent enough..

total of 3 wet layers of TS31. followed by 2 wetcoats of TS13 clear





Now letting it dry for a month orso, and then finish it off completely :)

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So i just finished this one of last night. Must say the result turned out to be pretty good :) decals still need to go on, but for some reason they ALWAYS come off then i do them on the clearcoat, should start doing them under the clear, but i always forget and go straight for the clear over the paint when im busy with spraying the bodies...

Worst part for me on the whole build is always windows and lights, thankfully the fujimi window kits are usually awsome as its all 1 big piece so i just glue the center part and hold it there so i dont have prints and glue marks all over them... if only more brands did it that way... (wishfull thinking from my side)









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lost track of what pics i added...
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