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Drag week community build?

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I had an idea when looking at the new hot rod magazine today. 

  Has anyone heard of hot rod drag week? Here it is: hotrod and here's  last years results with all the different classes: hot-rod-drag-week-2017-official-results-winners

So the rules would be that you have to build a car that you would want to drive 1000 miles on 5 different drag tracks and must be street legal. 

Let me know what you guys think.


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I've followed Drag Week for several years with great interest and building something similar in scale would be a lot of fun. If I had more time to build I'd definitely be in, but right now with everything else going on and a couple of other Community Builds I'm pretty sure I couldn't finish anything in time.

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Any body still gonna do this community build? Maybe this will kick start an interest? I don't know if this is would qualify but its one I've been working on since last month... I call it "CITYTRUCK" FARMTRUCK's Competition, V10 Viper with a bunch of Nitrous... Street legal Dodge drag truck. 




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Very cool truck. Do you have any pics of the engine? And yes that would qualify.

I am still planning on building a car. I just have a pile of projects right now and this biuld just ended up on the shelf.

here a pic of my project. It’s a revell 1970 Cuda with a BIG HEMI and BIG pro charger. 



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