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AMT '32 Ford roadster box art build


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This is an older build I recently dug out after being stored away while I get my display cases and model room in order. It was built from a mid 60's release using mostly the kit parts with some chrome from more recent editions. The only recent changes were the red and white striped slicks from the newer AMT parts pack (I still have the narrow pie crusts that came with the kit) The original decals were sealed with a light coat of clear and went on with few issues and the body was cleared with automotive urethane. I really enjoy older box art and have a number of finished kits and WIP's from various 60's era kits duplicating some of the cool cars depicted on boxes.


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On 12/19/2017 at 8:25 AM, Snake45 said:

Absolutely fabulous! You are making me want to build one just like it, which is about the highest compliment I can think of! B)

The more I think about it, the more serious about it I get. 

I have a '90s or early 2000s issue of the kit. I don't think it has the tonneau cover, or that roll bar, or the center-steer dashboard. Guess I'll have to raid the parts box for goodies. I think I'll go with a 6-71 too instead of the funky kit blower. I'm not going for a box art build, as I don't have that box, but you have definitely inspired me to do the thing as an early/mid-'60s Altered. Thanks again for posting it! B)

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It would appear that great minds think alike! I started this one 20 years ago, but was never really happy with it.  I ended up stripping the paint and redoing it, using Testors 1231 Bright Red, then changing the kit rolling stock out for something closer to the box art. Those decals were monstrous!  I ended up using dry transfer lettering for the AA/A class lettering.


20201023_203138-vi (1).jpg

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