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39 Chevy bomb


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Here is a Monogram 39 Chevy coupe done in OG lowrider bomb fashion. 

Exterior: hinged hood, trunk & driver's door. Detail Junkees photoetch grill, plate toppers & frames. Tamiya Pearl Green with urethane clear. Resin cast artilleries with Hoppin Hydros tires. Aftermarket resin cast swamp cooler. Raccoon tail made from a fishing lure. 

Engine/suspension: engine swapped to the 6 cylinder from the 51 Chevy kit. Aluminum air cleaner. Subtle weathering. Lowered suspension. Scratchbuilt exhaust. 

Interior: bench seat from 40 Plymouth kit. Scratchbuilt blinds, umbrella holder, hat holder, resin cast brim hat, serape headliner, scratchbuilt visors, photoetch steering wheel, cranks & handles, pirated pedals & shifter from VW T1. 







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13 hours ago, donb said:

Very cool car.  Love the blinds in rear window. 


7 hours ago, peekay said:

All those extras make it a standout model.


6 hours ago, vintagercr said:

Very nice and I like the shades in the back window

Thanks guys!!

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The hinged Hood, Doors, and Trunk help to show all of the extra details on the interior and engine. I'd like to see more of the Photo Etched Grill, being such a larger part of the front end I'll bet it adds a lot to the look. Perfect Wheels for this style build.

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9 hours ago, JollySipper said:

Bomb-style cars are cool! I really like the artillery wheels....... Do you make those?

Thanks. The artilleries are resin casts from @classic_scale on Instagram. I believe the orginals were from the 1st issue 36 Ford kit. 

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On 12/26/2017 at 3:04 PM, Curt said:

Excellent low rider!  Is the headliner a Mexican blanket?

Thanks, yeah it is. Wanted to add that element in there, but not to take away from the otherwise mild demeanor. So the headliner was a perfect spot. 

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On 12/25/2017 at 7:01 AM, 1972coronet said:

Nice trad Lowrider ! Reminds me of my childhood --- used to see Lowriders all over . Also nice to see wheels that aren't  Daytons ! 



On 12/26/2017 at 2:53 PM, carrucha said:

Cool lowrider bomb.  You nailed the lowrider bomb look perfectly.  Good job.

Thanks fellas!

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