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I hope everyone found themselves having a Merry Christmas (or whatever you may celebrate) and is eagerly waiting to see what 2018 will bring. I know I am. I haven't made a workbench topic in some time, but it's for somewhat good reason. I've started more stuff this year than I have in many past, hopefully that'll lead to more under glass!

First up, a Ford Louisville short hauler. I picked up this original issue Ryder-liveried one before Round 2 had even announced the recent reissue. It happens. I'm going for an out-of-the-box look but with a couple improvements. I started by adding air brake parts from the parts box. This ditched the wedge brakes for maxi cans, just a matter of preference. I recently picked up a big roll of vinyl/plastic tubing like what comes in some kit boxes, so I added some basic air line detail. I also added some material onto the fender segments on the cab, to fill in the gap that these kits have. I looked at some pictures online to determine if the line should be straight, or notched as the hood comes. The amount of chrome in this kit is typical AMT, entirely too much. It's also way too much for a rental fleet truck. So other than a few odds and ends, most of it is going away. Plans also call for some 5-hole steel wheels. 




Second up is a second issue California Hauler, with sleeper. I started with one I picked up at a local model show, partially started but inventoried and complete. It's also going to be mostly from the box, but I swapped in a Cummins from the 2003 issue of the old T501 with the big window cab. If any of you are Instagram users, and follow Peterbilt Motor Company, they recently posted this picture of a sharp brown and white 1971 359 tractor that I was instantly smitten by. I think this one will wear that scheme. 


To make the Cummins fit properly, I fused the radiator mounts of the two kits together, as well as relocated the transmission mounts a tad lower to get it sitting nice and level. 


Third up is a gluebomb resto. I picked up this International F-2674 recently too. It appeared to be out of the box, little paint, and not as bombed out as I originally thought. It suffered from a few broken and loose parts (all included though) with the biggest issue being damaged rear end housings. Sorry about the first picture, it's a quick snap from my iPhone.


Then the darn thing just exploded all over my workbench.


I never realized that these S-Series models from Ertl are so darn long. This is way too much frame for a tractor, especially a "smaller" truck like an S-Series. So I'm going to whack a section of frame rails, slide the tandems forward, and make a more realistic looking tractor out of this thing. 


I'm going to try and keep this thread going as much as I can, thanks for looking everybody!

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Nice work and finds Casey....those International S series trucks are sweet and your right the frames are too long on them for a tractor build.  Nice to see some of your projects again.

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Cool projects. Looking forward to watching these progress.



 Be Well


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Interesting projects , I like that you fixed the poor fender to hood on the Ford ! I too have aquired the second issue 359, I haven’t decided on paint yet but that is a nice design! Wish I could figure out how to post pictures from my IPhone to share with you guys. Lots of interesting projects on this forum!

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I like the S series kits too.  You are right.  Frames are way too long for most uses.

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