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68 VW HoverBug

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Got a VW bug from my son for Christmas. Gave it the treatment.


I want the thrusters to fit up tight when it's in full speed mode. I want it to resemble a lowered Bug in flight. It will have heat shields and deflectors on the doors to protect them from melting. Covered in soot of course!


In take off or maneuvering mode the thrusters will point downward and hopefully move away from the body. They need room to pivot and turn from side to side. Don't know how I want to achieve this. I'd like them to create a gap of about 1/4"  from the fenders so that you can see the inner workings. We'll see how it goes. Not sure if I want to mess with that many moving parts. Either way they'll definitely have downward movement like the photos below. 


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8 hours ago, bobthehobbyguy said:

Very cool.  Going to be fun to watch you build it.

I have to agree

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Very Interesting! When thinking about this type of propulsion I look at video's or film of our  Harrier Jump Jet, showing the adjustable nozzles on the side of the crat.

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I'm using the stock rear suspension to hold the rear jets. The rear tubs are each made from half of a fuel tank from a semi.

I'm thinking white. I love lowered white bugs!

Although, I keep picturing "Herbie the Love Bug" from the old 70's movies. This would be Herbie's older brother "Hank the Ex-con Bug".





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I should put a disclaimer. The following photos may not reflect the final product!

I made this front chin splitter,  Is that what it's called? It looks cool. Reminds me of a Porsche.

I'm still going with the plan of independent, moveable jets. The splitter would be stationary.



Full speed mode with the jets retracted up tight under the body.


Maneuvering mode with the jets extended. Hydraulic cylinders, hoses and wires exposed is the plan t this point.


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Added some detail to the front air dam.

I'm having a difficult time trying to make the thrusters moveable. I can get them to rotate up/down, but I want a full range of motion. This might be too difficult for me to attempt. I'll keep trying......

Still not sure what the final product will be. The front air dam reminds me of today's tuner cars. I'm thinking tuner/race/jet bug. Dirty and some rust of course.



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