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Are Heller kits good?

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Most would say Heller sucks but the real deal is that some are pretty decent and some are horrible. They are very different from normal kits. They usually have pretty accurate shapes but sometimes the detail is poor or the kit engineering is bizarre. One needs patience with them. I don't know if the Revell one is original tooling or if it is a re-boxed Heller. If you really want a 2CV get the Tamiya kit.

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Agree that the Heller kits are generally pretty weird... one of their favorite tricks is to mold the windows and interior side panels as one piece so you have to paint clear interior parts! They often represent subjects you can't otherwise acquire, though. That Revell 2CV, however, is no reboxed Heller kit. It's a really nice representation of a very late-production car tooled a few years ago by Revell Germany and is seriously nice. The decal sheet includes the "Charleston" markings and is very comprehensive overall.  Wish I had more info on the Heller kit, but it looks like it might be a step above their old 70s tools. I'd still hold out for the Tamiya or Revell kits, though. Good luck!

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I've for a few of the Heller 2cv's, and last year i built the Revell version, looking at the two, I'd go for the Revell version if you can get it, while not as detailed as the tamiya version, which i built a few years ago, it's a better model to build.

The Heller one is a little simplified with the roof molded as part of the body, the revell is separate and gives you the port of roof open or closed.

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